Promoting Democracy and Citizen Participation

Citizen participation is much needed to strengthen democratic processes, institutions and actors and their accountability. FES Botswana, together with its partners, aims to facilitate spaces for dialogue where the opinions and views of citizens on matters of politics are heard and where they become decisive.

Strengthening Civil Society and Political Society Organizations

Civil society and political society organisations are essential mediators between citizens and policymakers. They act as interfaces, filter the different social interests and preferences and bring them into the democratic discourse. In this way, civil and political society organisations can supplement the shortcomings of public institutions, contribute to a functioning democracy and promote the legitimacy and efficiency of the system of government.

Strengthening civil society and political society organisations and enhancing their active participation in democratic development is one of the objectives of the FES in Botswana. This includes the intensive cooperation with partners like NGOs, especially women’s and youth organisations and - traditionally a focus of the international work of FES - with trade unions as part of the civil society at large.

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