Trade Unions as Collective Actors

Following the historical principles of the FES, the importance of collaborative industrial relations and the role of trade unions in democracy have always been given particular attention. The programme aims to strengthen the labour movement to enable effective participation in the decision-making process and social-economic reforms.

The labour movement in Botswana today is beset with problems of organisation, internal democracy and lack of cooperation, which makes it challenging to have a significant impact in the country. In order to increase the influence and strength of the trade union movement, FES is supporting BFTU, the Botswana Federation of Trade Unions, in a transformation process.

Furthermore, FES has assisted the BFTU by providing links to international trade union organisations and training for officials and members. Training curricula cover areas such as collective bargaining, strategic planning, labour standards, labour law, social security and the effects of globalisation. Particular emphasis is given to strengthening women and youth within the labour movement.

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